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For a number of years this was the website for the Northridge Community Church
Content is from the site's 2003 -2013 archived pages.

If you have inadvertently ended up here while searching for the Northridge Community Church, their current website is found at:

Northridge Community Church
415 Pickering Crescent
Newmarket, ON, L3Y 4X7

Phone: (905) 895-6276
Fax: (905) 830-0343


Northridge Community Church is a part of the ministry of the Central York Salvation Army. As a church, Northridge's motto is "A place to begin, belong, and become." As The Salvation Army in Central York, our members and volunteers are "Giving Hope Today". We hope this site will help you begin a journey to connect to our community in significant ways.

If you have any questions about our church that you can't find answered on our web site, please feel free to contact us at 905-895-6276. 

Join Us For Church This Sunday!

All are welcome to join us for our Family Worship Services at 10:30am each Sunday morning.  We would love to see you there!



Dear Friend or Neighbour,

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Northridge Community Church web site.

If you are interested in learning about our mission, values, beliefs, or our heritage as a church, this information can be found in theAbout Us pages.  For information regarding worship service times, social groups or educational programs available, please access the Ministries pages. You will gain access to the church calendar and a list of all upcoming events if you follow the Events link.  Links and content from other web sites which we have found to be useful are available in the Resources section of this web site.

If you have any questions which are not answered on this site, please feel free to contact our offices at your convenience.  Our phone numbers, address, email and contact information can be found by accessing the Contact Us page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

God Bless,
Brian & Glenda Bishop


About Us

Northridge is a place to build relationships with people who care, a place to belong to a community of faith, and a place to become a person of purpose.

We are determined to provide you with relevance for everyday living, valuable programs for children, and quality, contemporary music. We can help restore the sense of peace and joy that you deserve. Every week we explore biblical solutions to the challenges you face every day.

Join us and experience a place where you will feel comfortable and accepted.

Our Mission & Values

Pastor BrianIt is our mission to know Christ better and to make Him better known. Our values embrace soul winning as our primary purpose, nurturing every believer as our primary function, looking to Christ as our primary expectation and providing worship as our primary celebration.

What We Believe

Woman PrayingWe believe that God is the creator and ruler of the universe and He eternally exists in three persons: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in the “God-inspired” message of the Holy Bible that guides our Christian faith and practice. We believe that our Lord Jesus Christ was born, was crucified and was resurrected to atone for our sins. We believe that He made it possible for mankind to enter into a right relationship with God and to live in eternal happiness in heaven with those who love the Lord.

Who is Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ is the Hope of the world. He is the son of God, who came to earth to be the bridge between God and man. He became the Saviour, through whom we receive eternal life. He is more wonderful than our finite minds can comprehend. He wants to live through us, enabling us to live the right way, bringing glory and honour to God the Father.

Service Opportunities

VolunteerAt Northridge, we try to respond to the holistic needs of any who call upon us. We embrace the diversity of our community and offer ministries that will enrich the lives of all we come in contact with. It is our desire to build a sense of community that will bring about positive transformation.

The Northridge Story

Salvation Army in ActionNorthridge Community Church is a vibrant, Christ-centred, caring and thriving community of believers. It’s a church where men, women and children join together on a spiritual journey. It creates an atmosphere for people to become all they were created to be.

Our New Church Property

New property signOver the last several years much prayer and discussion has taken place with regards to our future at our current location. Through focus groups and congregational meetings a decision was made to search for a new green space. In 2006 we purchased 5.27 acres of property near the corner of Wellington and Leslie in Aurora.

Financial Update

Church WindowAt Northridge the stewardship of resources is taken very seriously, recognizing that all that we have is a gift from God. We are simply the managers of His resources to be used to serve and bless others. Click the title above for a report on our income and use of finances.




Register Now for Summer Camps!

Please call 905-895-6276 to register for summer day camp.
Space is still available.

Dear Campers and Parents,

We have a few great new changes this year for our Day Camp.

- You can register online (see below for the camp link) be sure to register for Northridge Day
- We are offering 4 weeks of Day Camp this year July 14-18, 21-25, August 11-15, 18-22
- Day Camp will be merged with the Adventure Camp program, this is an overnight camping
experience at the camp. Our Day Camp children will not have an option for even one night of
camp. The Day Camp experience will be held on the other side of the road this year on the same
camp property. Activities will remain the same.
- Northridge Church is offering a Kindergarten Camp for ages 4-5 for the week of July 11-15 and
this will be a half day program from :00 AM – 12PM and will be held at our church. Ask me for
- We are offering a Local Day Camp at a lower price of $120. For the week of July 28th-Aug 1st

Ages are 6- 12yrs. Children will remain at our church for the program with offsite activities such
as pool swim etc.
Please consider an overnight camp for your child as well. Visit the Ontario Camping Ministry
sites for options.

Please consider an overnight camp for your child as well. Visit the Ontario Camping Ministry sites for options.

The drop off time will remain the same this year it will be from 7:00-7:30 AM leaving the parking lot at 7:45AM. The arrival time will be at 5:30 PM this year the bus will be leaving the property just before 5PM.

Thank you for considering our camp again this year, we are the ONLY Newmarket camp that brings children outside of the city to the beautiful shores of Lake Simcoe. Have a great day and I will see you soon.

Sincerely, Sandra Reid Community Children's Outreach Coordinator  / Children's Pastor Northridge Community Church
B:905-895-6276 Cell:905-751-7463




A most precious gift to each of us is our family.  At Northridge Community Church, we strive to learn together how to make our relationship with our family the most it can be.
You will enjoy meeting real people in a friendly and casual atmosphere.


We are members of your community – we work, play, and want to make our community a brighter, happier and healthier place for our family and yours.  We are just like you.
We believe that there is hope, help, healing and happiness for all.  We want to assist wherever and whenever we can.  The pastors are available to meet with you,  to understand and provide guidance in your life’s situations.  We are determined to provide you with strategies for successful living, a new confidence and a new hope.
In this impersonal age, it is rewarding to discover a loving, forgiving God who takes a personal interest in our lives.  At Northridge Community Church we learn to live a fuller, more abundant life.



My Story

Time Well Spent at The Salvation Army

Hi, my name is Russell Davis and recently I had the privilege to spend five months working at The Salvation Army Northridge Community Church.

Although most of my time was in the office throughout the week, I did spend quite a few Sundays with the church as well. As I don’t attend a Salvation Army church, this was a whole new experience to me.

In my opinion the Salvation Army carries a reputation for certain things. It is not by any means a bad reputation, but one they have nonetheless. I think that when most people think of The Salvation Army as a church, they think of the brass band and singing old, slow church hymns. They think about everyone dressed in uniform, or if not in uniform at least a complete suit! Some see the church on another whole side of the spectrum. Some might think about the church as a place where the needy or poor go.

Although most of these stereotypes are not necessarily bad, they have the power to turn people away from the church side of the Salvation Army.

Well coming into The Salvation Army I had some of these stereotypical ideas about the Army stuck in my head. But it did not take me long to realize how wrong they really are. Northridge Community Church has opened my eyes so I can truly catch a glimpse of what the church side of The Salvation Army is really like.

To say the least the people at The Salvation Army Northridge Community Church welcomed me with extreme love and passion. It was the difference between shaking my hand because you felt obligated too, and shaking my hand because you truly wanted to know me and my story. After just one week at Northridge, I already felt like I was a part of their family.

Everyone treated me like family even though I saw most of them on Sundays, and let's be honest here, everyone is nice at church, but that’s not always the same story once they head home after service or throughout the week. So I had a few chances see people outside of the church, and it was great opportunity to get to know them. Outside or inside the church the people are great. I don’t think I could find a better bunch of people than the bunch right here at Northridge.

Sunday morning you can walk into church with a pair of jeans on and not feel out of place. Very casual dress. In the same sense, church itself is in a way a laid back service. You can get your cup of coffee before service, and sit and drink it and chat with someone about your week or what not. It is just a very inviting way to conduct a service.

Although my time working here has flown by and come to an end, my view on The Salvation Army has been forever changed. I can say with confidence that this will not be my last time visiting a Salvation Army. Thank you to all who have made this experience wonderful for me, and God Bless.




Hi, my name is Stephanie Rivard and I recently had the opportunity to spend five months working at The Salvation Army Northridge Community Church. Working at The Salvation Army helped me realize that one person can make a huge difference in someone’s life.



The Spirit of Christmas

A Message from Major Brian Bishop

Dear Friends,

We thank God for you every day!  Without you we could not have done it. This year we were able to serve over 750 families with our Christmas Assistance program.  These families consist of individuals, seniors, youth and children.  Our Kettle campaign raised $270,000.00, which includes proceeds from the Kettles, online and mail in donations and foundation support.  All funds will be used to support the  programming and services here in Central York Region all through the year.  This is a wonderful outcome.

To each one who took the time to do what they could to help, thank you and God bless you for your efforts. To everyone who dug deep and donated what they could, thank you and may God bless each of you too.

We recognize that as the population growth continues in Central York Region so does the need.  As The Salvation Army we continue to prepare ourselves to support the struggles that so many in our communities face.  As we look forward to the new year, we are aware that there are challenges ahead. Our facility is too small and we are underway with our expansion project including our first request to the residents of Central YorkRegion in our 125 year presence, for capital fund support .

We have secured and identified 6.5 million dollars towards this expansion initiative, and we are soliciting your support of the remaining 1 million dollars needed to achieve our financial objective of 7.5 million dollars.  This facility will embrace the growing reality of those in need in our community and provide holistic support and care.  Again, without you we cannot do it. If you are able or know someone who might be able to assist us with our expansion, please contact us or go to

Happy New Year!


Community Response

In serving the communities of Newmarket and Aurora and East Gwillimbury, The Salvation Army helps people through various programs from food bank services, clothing and furniture assistance, counselling for men, women, and youth, to help for seniors, people seeking shelter, summer camps for youth, emergency disaster relief and much more.

Salvation Army Disaster Services

fire in Toronto

Disasters can occur at any time and in any place. They often bring death and great destruction in their wake. The unpredictability of a disaster makes it all the more devastating. Canada is fortunate that emergency preparedness experts at all levels of government have well-organized, definitive plans, in which The Salvation Army plays an important part. But, despite the armies of trained personnel ready to go into action, very often the best we can do is to mitigate the effects of a disaster, and deal with its aftermath. 

School Programs - The Sharing Shelf

Sharing Shelf

As concerned parents, we understand that children will forget or misplace their belongings including their lunches. We also know that many children in Newmarket, Aurora, East Gwillimbury and the surrounding communities struggle daily with personal challenges over which they have no control. Situations bear down on them due to family struggles, job loss, relationship crises, parental addictions (alcohol), etc. Due to these situations, a child may often come to school neglected. Sharing Shelf is there to assist your school to provide these children with a simple snack lunch solution in situations like these & help your school resource these families with help. 

Mobile Village

"It takes a village to raise a child" bears within it a foundational truth in child development; the necessity of positive influences and opportunities to develop character in a safe environment.

The Salvation Army of Central York Region hopes to develop this new initiative so as to provide support to youth at risk in a ‘village’ type setting throughout the communities of Newmarket, Aurora and East Gwillimbury.

Using our 37’ Community Response Vehicle, Salvation Army volunteers and staff will provide mentorship to youth through the following programs:

  • Mercy Street Sports @ play program
  • Red Cap anti-bullying program
  • Mobile interactive media-enhanced education and character skills program
  • Drug proofing youth & parent initiative
  • Sharing Shelf for Teens, a mobile teen community kitchen initiative

Each of these potential programs provides an element or enhancement to existing Salvation Army programs for the purposes of reaching youth at risk. Our initial goal is to provide direct emotional, physical and developmental support, instruction, and direct mentoring to as many as 5000 at risk youth and families in its first year alone.

For more information on this initiative including the opportunity to either sponsor or partner with us, please call us directly.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program

The Salvation Army works in partnership with The Canadian Tire Foundation for Families and Jumpstart Program. If your son or daughter has a desire to play and get involved in some sort of organized physical activity but lack the means to pay, then look into Jumpstart. We can assist you with information and aid you in the application process.




Help Fill Our iKettle

Christmas Kettle

Supporting our huge Christmas assistance programs has never been easier! Please help bring food to families, toys to kids, and other support needed during the Christmas season, by making a secure online donation to  Central York Region's Salvation Army iKettle.

Regular Donations

You can make a difference in lives of families and children here in the communities of Newmarket, Aurora and East Gwillimbury.

Please forward your donation to:

The Salvation Army
415 Pickering Cres., Newmarket, ON L3Y 8G8

Cheques are payable to: The Salvation Army

Funds remain local for use in the communities of Central York Region. For more information on how your contribution will help, please call us: 905-895-6276

How your support helped last year…

Salvation Army Central York Region - 2008 - An Army in Action

Here are just some of the individuals, youth and families assisted through Salvation Army programs and services in Newmarket, Aurora & East Gwillimbury.

  • 3,259 Kids mentored through our Mercy St. Drop-In
  • 297 Kids went to Day Camp
  • 597 Families helped at Christmas with food & toys
  • 761 Kids provided with toys at Christmas
  • 307 Families assisted through our emergency food bank
  • 600 Kids helped in our school Sharing Shelf lunch program
  • 833 People assisted financially with rent & housing
  • 193 Families helped with home energy assistance